What To Expect From An Initial Physiotherapy Appointment

What to expect at your initial assessment

  • Prior to seeing the physiotherapist, reception will ask you to complete a medical history questionnaire.
  • The physiotherapist will ask you a series of questions relating to your medical history, your lifestyle and the nature of your injury/symptoms.
  • A physical examination will be performed, which will require you to perform a series of activities/movements. They will assess muscle length and joint mobility and may also palpate the affected area. For this to be effective, the therapist generally needs to be able to see the area.
  • The therapist will need to see the affected area therefore; it is advised to wear comfortable clothing that you can move easily in. If your injury involves your lower back or legs, loose tracksuit trousers or shorts would be ideal. If it is your arms that are affected then a vest top with thin straps can be worn.
  • At the initial assessment, the therapist may only have enough time to assess you and talk through their findings and make a plan for future sessions.
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