Ali Irenji

Ali Irenji


I studied physiotherapy at Coventry University, following which I worked in the NHS completing rotations in various fields, including stroke rehabilitation, acute cardiorespiratory and MSK.

I am interested in the human body and fascinated by how holistically the body is connected. I believe that it is important to consider the way in which muscles work together and how they work, what causes pain in the body and what can be done to resolve it and how the brain and nervous systems connect to different structures of the body and affect the way we move and perceive pain. I am also interested in how psychology and beliefs influence the way we move and perceive pain.  I believe in considering biological, social and psychological factors together to provide the most suitable plan for patients so that they can improve and resolve their conditions.

I decided to specialise in MSK physiotherapy as it was the area of physiotherapy which I enjoyed the most and I found that my talents were there. I enjoy the systematic approach of assessing patients and find that I am at my best when working with logic and being able to measure results. I have a keen interest in fitness and believe that at any age, we should strive to optimise our function to be able to live independently and pain free throughout our lives. I would like to help patients to achieve these goals.

Having worked for the NHS, I was keen to work in the private sector and was delighted to be offered this amazing opportunity at LBhealthcare.

In my free time, I go to the gym and enjoy spending time with family and friends. I also love hiking, nature, watching films and playing games.

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