Neil Duncan

Neil Duncan

Hello, my name is Neil and I am LBhealthcare’s Sports Therapist.

I initially graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Sport Science (Outdoor Activities).  Over the last 13 years I have worked in the outdoor sport industry as a high-end white water kayak and canoe coach.  I am passionate about weightlifting and training and have completed my Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer Qualifications.  Deciding to return to Sports Therapy last year I achieved an MSc Sports Therapy with distinction.  I enjoy a challenge and am currently working towards my Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Coaching qualification.

You will see that I enjoy being active, whilst this has been mostly through outdoor sports such as climbing, kayaking, snowboarding and mountain biking, most recently I have been focussed and humbled by training and competing in the sport of CrossFit.

Fundamentally, I believe that getting people moving, exercising, or training in whatever they enjoy is key to a healthy life and a huge part of life in general. I love working with people, so if you need rehabilitation as a result of injury or would just like some guidance on how to achieve your goals then I hope that you will enjoy working with me to get you doing the things that you love!

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