Neuro physiotherapy is a treatment available to help sufferers with neurological conditions including stroke, head injury, spinal cord injury as well as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

A neurological problem has a serious impact on a person’s movement, sensation, balance and co-ordination. The aim of treatment is to provide individual support to enable optimal recovery and functional improvement.

The neurophysiotherapy service is run by highly skilled professional physiotherapists who have had experience working in the NHS as well as the private sector.

We offer a comprehensive neurological assessment which enables the physiotherapist to understand your problems and develop a personalised treatment program designed to facilitate your recovery. At each session you will be given the opportunity to discuss your progress so that treatment can be modified to accommodate your changing needs.

As well as offering a ‘hands on’ treatment we are able to offer a range of other treatments which enhances the recovery process. Our physiotherapist can discuss these options with you.

These may include:


The warm water provides a safe environment where the client can experience freedom of movement as tight muscles start to relax. We can use the water to improve movement and develop muscle strength. The pool is suitable for clients with a wide range of disabilities with access to the pool via steps or a hoist system. The benefits can be discussed with our therapist who will recommend the best treatment choice for you.

Myofascial Release (MFR)

A hands on technique, Myofascial Release is a specialised physical and manual therapy used for the effective treatment and rehabilitation of soft tissue and fascial tension and restrictions.

We can use MFR to release tightness around the muscles to improve movement and function.

For more information on Myofasicial Release please read in our News post

Balance Trainer

Using the latest technology, this is a standing frame designed with a unique balance training system. This enables clients, with partially or limited standing, the ability to stand safely to develop balance and control in standing. Clients are able to move in an upright position to stimulate muscle activity. Our therapist is able to develop a range of exercises to further challenge your standing and balance.


Award-winning stroke technology is offered by our qualified Saebo clinician. Saebo products enable clients with neurological impairments such as stroke the ability to work on their hand and arm function in physiotherapy sessions and at home.


Electrical Stimulation

A method of producing contractions in paralysed muscle using a low level electric current via electrodes placed on the skin.

Our therapist would be happy to discuss this option.

Home Visits

Home visits are available for those who are unable to attend the Whiteley clinic.

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