Welcoming our new Osteopathy Tom Smith
Appointments available on Friday’s from 3rd August
Call reception now to book on 01489 569888

Treat the cause, not just the pain. …
Osteopaths are primary healthcare professionals, focussing on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of body wide musculoskeletal disorders and their effects on patients’ general health.
LBhealthcare’s Osteopath Tom will consider your full medical history, as well as your lifestyle and personal circumstances. Osteopaths are known for treating Holistically, ensuring that all treatment is tailored to your needs and your body. Our Osteopath Tom will seek to restore optimal function to your body using a variation of examination, manipulation, movement and massage techniques. If necessary, Tom will also provide exercises and guidance to implement the treatment plan into your lifestyle.
To find out more about Osteopathy and how it can help you, visit

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