Mama2shape Baby & Mum Postnatal Yoga, starting in January

Mama2shape Baby & Mum Postnatal Yoga is a unique, soothing and fun class that you can enjoy with your little one, aged 6 weeks to crawling. The class contains interactive yoga which will encourage healing, toning and strengthening of your body, melting away muscular tension, while at the same time entertaining your baby and giving you some special time to spend together.

Baby yoga is included which is great for promoting brain development, motor skills and co-ordination in infants as they start to gain control over their bodies. Visual and language development is nurtured too, as we sing, use sound, and move our bodies in a positive, focused and mindful way.

The yoga classes are a safe space for mothers to enjoy being with their babies and feeding, changing, rocking, cuddling and being guided by the babies’ needs are encouraged. This is a wonderful way to make friends with other local mamas, gain support and enjoy a nurturing hour full of positive yoga energy!

Mama2shape Baby & Mum Postnatal Yoga is on Mondays 11.15am-12.15pm at LB Healthcare and classes take place as 5 week courses, £35.

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